Back to School

With no thanks to my mother or grandmother who were the two worst cooks on this earth (Bless their souls) I am a respectable cook and have had a passion for cooking for many years. I have wanted to pursue this passion  for such a long time, but did not see how or when it might be possible.

The course of events over the last few months have put me in a position to now follow that dream.

I started my Culinary training at L’Ecole Culinaire St Louis yesterday, and am loving it so far.  Stay tuned for progress reports.

The New Dorothy

Yes, my friends, I have found the gays.  As is my habit.

They’re in my building, they’re up the road, they’re in my office and they’re at every party I go to.  I’m the lucky girl who gets to bathe in their golden, gay boy glow.  My boys have always been important to me.  They make a difference in my life.

And then, there came the lesbians.  Gorgeous,  doe eyed lovelies have honored me with the gift of  their friendship.  My life is now complete.

Not long ago an amazing guy, who I would adopt if he was young enough and henceforth known as Cow, said “You’re the new Dorothy! I’m a friend of Kerri’s!”

YAY!  I made it in St Louis!

Who did it better?

Jenny did it first…


and then Larry took control.

larry in Jennys Hat_0331

Who did it better?

The view from here

Through my living room window, I have a wonderful view.


It is expansive.  I can see all the way to Illinois, which I grant you, isn’t far, as St Louis is on the Mississippi River and Illinois is just there on the other side.   However… How many of you can say you can see another state from your living room window?  Hmm?

I digress.  The view from here is really wonderful and one of the things that make it so are the number of amazing churches the dot the horizon.  Without them, there would be a rather bland landscape, as there are many industrial buildings around here as well. Ugly, dirty, factories, power stations, steel mills poisoning the environment. There is also some pretty ugly government housing out there too.  It’s ugly, beautiful, fascinating and mesmerising, all at the same time.

When I moved here I had no idea that there would be so much fascinating architecture. It’s everywhere around me.  Literally.

We live in a loft in a converted  shoe factory, which was part of the Garment District in the 1920′s, when St Louis was known as a thriving clothing and shoe manufacturing mecca, rivaling those of New York and Chicago.  It’s a beautiful building.  Why they built such ornate buildings for factories back then, I will never understand.

What I can see from the rooftop (by the pool, heh) is the St Louis Gateway Arch, City Museum with it’s quirky array of ridiculous artifacts on it’s roof, including a fully functioning Ferris Wheel, much  of the cityscape and lots and lots of wonderful sky.  It’s a lovely place to be in the warmer months, though right now it is sheer hell, open to the icy winds and the pool cover is full of water, which will be a festering cesspool of mosquito larvae in a few short weeks.  It’s hard to imagine with the heavy snowfalls we’ve had over the last 24 hours.

I’ve really enjoyed my time here in St Louis.  The city is fabulous, the people are friendly, it’s overflowing with culture and the beer is cold.

St Louis really is a beautiful city.  You just have to see it in the right perspective.

Abby – She loves to love.

Untitled by Kerri McCrorey
Untitled, a photo by Kerri McCrorey on Flickr.

Everyone say awwww…

We found Abby via the St Louis Senior Dog Project. She is a gorgeous Beagle mix and is more than deserving of a loving home.

Poor Abby spent the first 8 years of her life chained up in a yard with nothing but a barrel for shelter.

She is incredibly well behaved and a very loving old girl, which is surprising given her prior situation, but thanks to her loving and caring Foster Mom, she has become a wonderful friend for someone who wants to love her. We happen to be that lucky family.

Welcome to our family, Abba Dabba Do!



I’ve always loved storms but have never been in the right place at the right time to attempt to photograph lightening.

Until tonight.  This is the view from our new apartment.

Photo Silly Assignment 1

Living in a Tree House

Living in a Tree House.

Originally uploaded by Kerri McCrorey

Find a place where you can move around easily and safely with your camera. Study the space for 5 minutes, then close your eyes and take 20 shots. Keep your eyes shut the whole time. Try to remember the space and “compose.” Get low, get close, get high; try to make each shot as different as possible. Don’t look until you have shot all 20. If your results are too light or dark, change your settings and shoot all 20 again; don’t peek!


Motivation is severely lacking, in case you haven’t noticed.  If you’ve been paying attention, you would know that I haven’t posted here for almost a year.

Living in the mid west has not exactly been inspirational, though I have enjoyed a lot of things about it.

That is about to change.


Happy Birthday, Malia!


Saturday was my niece’s 4th birthday and we spent the day at Six Flags, St Louis.  I hope she had a wonderful day, she certainly seemed to.

Happy birthday, baby girl! xoxoxo

We love you.

“The next Revolution in Video Viewing”

TV Hat

You too can look this glamorous, in TV Hat

The first time I watched the video sales pitch I was in complete awe.  I had never seen anything so craptastic.  Of course, I had to watch it a second time… and a third and it got funnier and funnier.

Click on it.


You won’t regret it.


Yes, they are still for sale.  Want me to send you one?  :)